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About Us

Welcome To kana Plus Food

"Noyal is a renowned food brand in Kerala from "Kana Plus Food Products Pvt. Ltd. Kana Plus started at Eranakulam, Maneed, in Kerala, in 2021 with a 10,000-square-foot production unit. We have engaged a team of well-trained staff under excellent management. "Kanaplus Foods" is producing food items by strictly following its 'own concepts' and vision. Noyal is committed to bringing valuable and positive changes to the health and taste concepts of Kerala. To fulfill this aim, 'Kanaplus Foods" is sourcing rice, coconut, raw spices, chili, and other farm items from the places where they are abundantly produced. We have engaged one brilliant team of experts to source the food items directly from farmers in the remote areas of India. They cleverly select high-quality rice, wheat, coconut, chilly, coriander, and spices. Millets and all other items. The collected raw items are put on for different stages of cleaning, drying, and processing. As food products are susceptible to contamination, we use rigid sterilization methods to destroy microorganisms. 'Kanaplus Foods' assures you of hygiene and quality food items on par with international standards in all stages of manufacturing, packaging, and shipping. Our company operates from an ISO 22000:2018 certified facility, ensuring that our processes adhere to the highest food safety standards mandated by international regulations."

'Noyal' is to inaugurate a new food culture

Being an FSSAI and ISO certified company, we are strictly adhered to our motto of providing quality and healthy foods as per the government's standards. We have gained all 100d-related certificates in connection with food production. Our ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat products are manufactured in a perfectly hygienic atmosphere by following govt, instructions. All our food products are processed. naturally and scientifically by refraining from any hazardous preparation methods. All our production processes are taking place with minimum or without any human intervention. We make this possible by using the most modern machines with the latest technologies. We have sufficient warehouse facilities to make sure the supply even in many seasons.

Future plans

All our outlets are promises of future food culture based on native tastes. Noyal Foods is infused with many traditional flavors. and contain many valuable properties. "Noyal" is opening a new world of healthy, nutritional, traditional, and sumptuous foods. Shopping in 'Noyal' outlets will never damage your family budget. You can identify our outlets by their aesthetic uniqueness. own color scheme and peculiarities. At present, in our outlets, we have a wide number of edible items. It ranges from coconut oil to different types of pickles and dried meat. From each raw food Items we take their maximum bi-products, just like what we are doing. in the case of coconut. Hence, we are able to provide any item.

Products Selected by Customers

Till the launch of 'Noyal" brand food products People in and around the 'Kanaplus' food company were tasting what was supplied by other food manufacturers. "Kanaplus' in turn, before starting the mass production, supplied the food items to the said customers and examined their tastes, preferences, and choices. The trial period continued for more than 2 years. Customers provided their timely feedback and taste preferences after consumption. of food items. We accepted their suggestions and made changes in our food products accordingly. In short, we gave much priority for consumers before starting production. Hence, confidently, we can say that the 'Noyal" brand food Products are the final products selected by customers.