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Wheat Flour

Wheat flour, a staple in many cuisines worldwide, is a versatile ingredient derived from grinding wheat kernels into a fine powder. It serves as a primary ingredient in numerous food items, ranging from bread and pasta to pastries and cakes. The composition of wheat flour varies depending on factors such as wheat variety, processing methods, and additives.

Primarily composed of carbohydrates, wheat flour provides a significant source of energy. It also contains protein, with gluten being the predominant protein component. Gluten lends wheat flour its elasticity, making it ideal for bread making by trapping gases produced during fermentation, resulting in a fluffy texture. However, for individuals with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, alternatives like almond or coconut flour may be preferred.

  • Food Category: Vegetarian, Wheat Powder.
  • Ingredient: Wheat
  • Packing Size 500 gm / 1.0 Kg
  • Packing Type : METPET Pouch
  • Colour : Brown
  • License: FSSAI 
  • Shelf life : 6 Months
  • Usage/Application: Cooking
  • Hygienically Processed & Packed
  • No Preservatives/additives/Colours Added.